The Dot Watch is now available.

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Digital Time

Check time in complete privacy.

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A real impression of how fast a second is gone.

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Learn to read from the very basic.

Live Smarter

  • Read notifications
    Simultaneously check notification and listen to music.
  • Find your phone
    Easily locate your phone with the Dot Watch.
  • Check calls
    Find out who is calling you on the Dot Watch.

See how it works


Stay ahead of time, don’t be late for anything.

Long battery life

Up to 1 week, enjoy long battery life.

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“The Dot watch has numerous benefits that only it provides. For example, if I am hanging out with my friends and I get a text on my phone, I cannot check it without the screen reader on the phone reading it outloud to me – and anyone else within ear shot. But the Dot watch allows me to discretely check my messages without announcing them to the whole world.”

- Luke Seibert from USA

“With the Dot Watch,
I set up two alarm times,
which indicated to me
when a teaching phase had to be finished.
No one else had noticed the watch's vibrations.
It helped me a lot!”

- Alexa Nitsch from Germany