About Us

We strive to be a pioneer in accessible
and affordable innovations for the vision
impaired and the deafblind to lead
independent, fulfilling lives.

The image shows the high-tech automation line that Dot uses to manufacture the actuator cells used in the Dot Watch. An engineer is overlooking the system in the background.

Awareness can be sightless.

Dot was formed upon the foundations of making everything accessible to everyone. Our team will be relentless in our quest to actualize our concepts and ready to use as your daily products.

Reaching the unreachable

Our mission won’t stop with the Dot Watch, in fact, it would only pave the road to a bigger and better future.
With the technology in our Dot Ecosystem, it will be possible to pursue an entire spectrum of education:
from simple braille acquisition to advanced tactile-graphic representations.

We’re also aiming at an affordable braille display for the developing regions with our Dot Mini project.
Our expeditions to Kenya have gifted us with enormous insight to strategically plan for those who require customized assistance. This ultimately lead us into the next generation of tactile reality - the Dot Pad project, which will be the embodiment of
Dot’s soul - to genuinely make a multi-layered mark in history.

Both the Dot Mini and the Dot Pad will be designed for universal literacy.
We predict that the widespread improvement of global braille literacy will directly result in upgraded lifestyles across the board. From education, entertainment, and employment, let’s make them truly available for everyone.

The Team

We believe that connected minds bring forth immense changes.

Our team is constantly learning, adapting, and evolving – held together by the ambition of shaping an inclusive future.

Eric Jooyoon Kim



Ki Kikwang Sung



Mason Jaesung Joo



Roy Ji Ho Kim



Harold Hyuncheol Park

Head of R&D

Actuator Engineer

Blondie Eunsun Kang

R&D Director

Actuator Engineer

Jack Changsu Park

Director of Manufacturing Technology

Actuator Engineer

John Ji-eun Ahn

Research Engineer


Jerry Jungtae Kim

Director of Quality Assurance


Jennifer Jinhee Kim

Senior Administrator


Chris Changhwan Cho


Sales and Marketing

Alex Lee

Director of Sales and Marketing

Sales and Marketing

Cecile Heejoo Jung

Customer Service Manager

Sales and Marketing

Dennis Yochan Jung

Account Executive

Sales and Marketing

Charlie Hyuksoo Shin

Director of Business Development

Sales and Marketing

Emma Ahrum Choi

PR & Marketing Manager

Sales and Marketing

Belle Soyeon Kang

Marketing Associate

Sales and Marketing

Benjamin Inbum Park

Marketing Associate

Sales and Marketing

Jimin Ryu

Business Development Associate

Sales and Marketing

Nicole Soyoung Jeon

Accounting Manager


Alfred Jungyeon Won

Principal Firmware Engineer


Hyojin Lee

Principal Software Engineer


Robert Chanyoung Park

Principal Hardware Engineer


Ryan Changhwan Choi

Senior Resarch Engineer


Harry Kibo Jung Kim

Research Engineer


Tony Jiho Hong

Research Engineer


The image shows the Dot Watch with a white background. The watch face points upward towards the 1 o’clock position with a silver magnetic mesh band.
The image shows three Dot Watch package boxes laterally. One on the left is laid flat and faces upwards. One in the center shows the width of the box, laid like a book, showing the side of the box. The last one is laid flat on the face, showing the white rear panel of the box.

design by dot incorp x cloudandco

From the award-winning Dot Watch to future projects, our beautiful products are designed in collaboration with cloudandco.