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About Dot

Awareness can be sightless

“We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.” - Stevie Wonder, 2016 GRAMMY Awards

Reaching the unreachable

The idea took off when Eric Kim, our founder and CEO, came across a blind classmate hauling large, bulky books during his studies at the University of Washington. He realized that, while most students were using tablet devices in class, this particular student wasn’t able to take advantage of the new technologies widely available.

The reality is that inclusive information access is limited by cost barriers and lack of innovations. While many products are designed exclusively for the majority, our visually impaired communities can’t benefit from much of its advances.

Dot shifted the focus from the expensive legacy devices in order to implement our technology to wearables. The Dot Watch accentuates mobility: our users can learn various braille formats on the fly.

We won’t stop innovating until the vision-impaired and the deafblind are able to feel the effects of this very intimate revolution to improve their lifestyle.

Member List

Eric Juyoon Kim



University of Washington

Ki Kwang


Electrical engineering

University of Utah

Jaesung Joo



“Less but better”

Roy Ji Ho Kim


Hardware Engineer

Magnet, hardware expert 25 years of experience

H. C Park

R&D Head


Micro actuator specialist. 20 years of experiences

E. S Kang



Micro product design specialist. 20 years of experiences



First place in IoT Startup Foundation Competition

Selected by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, NIPA Startup Agency

SK Telecom “BRAVO! Restart” Program Selection for ICT-based Startups

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning – Creative Economy Competition Winner

KBS2 Program, “The Golden Pentagon Season 2” Winner

Entrepreneur’s Organization Award Winner


Innovation Award by Global Student Entrepreneur Award(GSEA)

Dot Incorporation gains corporation status in April 2015.

Raised over $600,000 from Tech Incubator Program for Startup(TIPS) and ActnerLab accelerator.

Top 5 Korean Startups selected by Orange Fab (France)

Top 10 Tech in Asia – Tokyo (Japan)

Entrepreneur Award Winner at the ITU Telecom World (Hungary)

Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning - Technology Reinforcement Program

Partnership with KAIST University (Korea)

“Get in the Ring” Korea Winner


Product Design and Innovation Lion Award for Cannes Lion 2016

2016 Clio Health Grand Winner for Innovation and Design

SKT Middle-East (Saudi Arabia) Program convention

Selected to participate in the global finals of 1776 Challenge Cup Competition

“Get in the Ring” Eastern Asia Winner

iF 2016 Design Award

Global “Get in the Ring” Heavyweight Champion

London International Awards – Grand Prix / Gold / Silver – Multiple categories

EUROBEST Awards – 2x Grand Prix / 3x Gold


From the award-winning Dot Watch to future projects, our beautiful products are designed in collaboration with cloudandco.