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Dot, Entertainment

Dot Pad

Totally different from the previously existing one-line Piezo braille displays, the multi layered braille cells of the Dot Pad will offer unprecedented features such as math, figure, palindrome, electronic braille book, and coding. You can learn a variety of tactile contents and even create new forms of different contents.

With the Dot Pad we are aiming to solve the information gap and educational problems of the visually impaired, and improve the quality of life of the visually impaired worldwide. Through the collaborations with the world's top experts in the related fields, we have closely monitored and assessed numerous problems faced by the visually impaired people, and gradually, we are implementing to improve one step at a time.

Targeting the year 2019 for the final release, the best innovation has already begun.

Dot Public

We have assessed countlessly many inconveniences that the visually impaired people experience while using the public services, and from this, we are preparing to change the public spaces into the spaces of equal value for all.

Buses, subways, trains, and airlines - you name it. With Dot's technology, we will bring the changes to these places so that the visually impaired and blind people can fully enjoy the conveniences.