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While small, our core tech casts a giant shadow

From our roughest sketches, design analysis, prototyping, to the final manufacturing processes, our R&D laboratory was pivotal in making history. We were successful with presenting the world’s very first, mass-producible, micro braille actuator.

1/10th of the cost, 1/20th of the size

While the Piezo-Electric method continues to be the market standard, we are able to function as the OEM - supplying and developing as the demand persists.

Recently, we were able to maximize the Dot Watch’s battery life exponentially. Through meticulous engineering efforts, the braille display was optimized to tout a greater battery life than your standard smart device.

In our pursuance of perfection, our micro-technology was fine-tuned down to the dimensions of 0.01mm. Countless hours were invested to leap beyond even our personal standards of precision and excellence.