Braille Device

Braille Device


Braille Device

Braille Device


Product Name : Dot Pad

Model Name : Tactile Display (KP2-300A)

Size : 262 x 180 x 9.7 (23.7) (W x D x H, mm)

Humidity : Operating Humidity 10% to 95%

Supported OS : WIN10, Linux (Optional), Android (TBD)

Customizable according to the customer’s needs

Accessible multiline Tactile display

Access any lengthy information such as e-mails and e-books,
formulaic calculations, graphical representations, and data input.

Let's learn STEM education

It can provides a general framework for improving learning and teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for the visually impaired students.

Awaken your creativity

We focus on bridging the digital divide and getting rid of the information asymmetry that currently exists in this world. With Dotpad, we are able to bring the most affordable educational, recreational solutions in the education market.