Tactile Actuator

Tactile Actuator


Tactile Actuator

Tactile Actuator

D2 Cell

Dot has registered around 110 patents globally related to the Dot Cell. Compared to existing technologies, the Dot Braille Cell is much smaller and much more cost-effective. The Dot Braille Cell is the backbone of our product portfolio. We are excited by the endless use cases for the Cell.


The most lightest in the world.


The most smallest in the world.


Material : Electromagnetic Actuator

Resistance : 24 ± 15%Ω

Input Time : Min 0.007 (Max 0.01)sec

Refresh Interval Time : Min 0.6 sec

Weight : 650 ± 5% mg

Noise : Under 40 dB

Rated Input : 5.0 +0.2/-0.0 Vdc

Minimum Braille PIN Height : 0.60 ±0.05 mm


Possibly to be extended vertically and horizontally.


The tactile cell can be expanded to other industries

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