Colja Nitsch & Alexa Nitsch Germany

Enjoy, fast, automatically

“I really enjoy the fact that the watch gets connected to my smartphone very fast and automatically, once I have moved too far away from my smartphone. Even the repairing in the morning, it relinked without any problem. This is really a big advantage of the new update! I just have to point out once more how much I am pleased to test this great product! Since I got the watch, I have worn the watch every day. My old watch has since disappeared completely in the closet! ”

Luke Seibert United States of America

Best, comfortable, silently.

“Dot watch has numerous benefits that only it provides. For example, if I am with my friends hanging out and I get a text on my phone, I cannot check it without the screen reader on the phone reading it out loud to me and anyone else within earshot. But the DOT watch allows me to discretely check my messages without announcing them to the whole world. It also is quite useful in my preaching, allowing me to make sure I am staying on schedule by silently checking the time.”

“She has already figured out most of the apps and has interfaced it with her phone and receives messages via sms and whatsapp notifications . Thank you so much for the rush order to make it in time for her birthday . From Donavin and Robyn Waters.”

Donavin Waters

“We recieved the watch on time, and my son in law seems pleased with it. Thanks and Happy New Year!”

Nancy Bueti Randall

“The watch is absolutely wonderful and far exceeded expectations... Very well made but the best part has been the amazing customer service from you and your company. Thank you so much... You have much to be proud of ”

Tammi Price