The First
Tactile Smart Watch

You don't see time flying by, you feel it.
wear it with pride. this was made for you.

The First.
Introducing the Dot Watch.

Our initiative was to create a product
that doesn’t already exist.
Something that opens doors to more inclusive innovations.
Something that breaks down barriers for all.
With these goals in mind, we conceived the Dot Watch.

  • Tell Date
    and Time
  • Get Notifications on
    Calls and Messages
  • Smart features with
    the Dot Watch App

Simple and powerful

It’s a beautifully designed device that you can wear everyday.
Powered by our patented technology,
this is the first time that an active braille technology is put into motion and integrated into a mobile form.
This begins our journey towards the perfect balance of design and accessibility.
Embrace being the first to experience a true invention.

Look closely.
It only gets better.

First, the minimalistic, white watch face greets you warmly.
Then, wrap your fingers around the elegant and lightweight aluminum body, you’ll feel the durability.
Whichever band option you choose, it’ll be balanced perfectly to bring everything together.
With the Dot Watch, it’s the little things that really matter.

Beautiful Inside and Out

We learned to look beyond the cover and focus on what lies beneath the surface.
You wouldn’t even have to charge it daily.
Designed superbly right down to the robust and complex core, the Dot Watch is just as beautiful inside as well.